‘Iron Maiden: The Complete Albums Collection 1990-2015’

So this little beauty came in the post yesterday. Featuring two LPs, and a box set to complete over the coming months, Iron Maiden are starting to roll out their next lot of vinyl re-issues. Continue reading “‘Iron Maiden: The Complete Albums Collection 1990-2015’”


‘The Final Frontier’

After many years of listening, and many years of dreaming of the complete collection, I’m one step closer to completing my Iron Maiden vinyl collection, by obtaining a copy of their 15th studio album, The Final FrontierContinue reading “‘The Final Frontier’”

Iron Maiden (14/05/2017)

Okay, starting my blog afresh for about the 200th time, but this time I’m going to stick with it now that I’m completely finished with University studies … Forever!  Continue reading “Iron Maiden (14/05/2017)”