About Me

How ya diddlin’?
This is the blog of a 20 year old Northumbria University student, studying BA (Hons) History & Politics.

That’s me, in the middle, with Charles Esten & Chris Carmack from ‘Nashville’ (June 13, ’16)

As you might have already guessed, going off the title of this blog – MusicMadSam – I am mad about music!

The aim of this blog is to give you an insight into my musical life. Music for me is one of the biggest aspects of my life. Every single day I’ll be listening to something – there are only certain things that will ever pull you through a final year of university with you sanity still in tact – for me MUSIC does that!
Whether that’s rock music in the forms of Hard Rock, Classic Rock etc, Metal, or even some nice Country music, there’s always going to be something here you can relate to – unless you’re a fan of the likes of Justin Bieber or Kanye West … More like Kanye not mate?

As you may be aware, I’m really into my music, and there are numerous bands that I would consider my ‘all time favourites’. These include the following: Iron MaidenAlter BridgeShinedownStone SourAveged Sevenfold, as well as many many many more!

So do take a little adventure around this musical paradise, there’ll be plenty more popping up over the next few weeks/months!



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