‘Live & Louder’

You may know some of these guys from their previous bands, but John Corabi, Doug Aldrich, Marco Mendoza, Brian Tichy and David Lowy make up one of the best rock bands out there today – The Dead Daisies … and they’re back with an epic live album! 

In 2016, the new formation of the band, featuring the almighty Doug Aldrich, following the departure of Guns N’ Roses members Richard Fortus and Dizzie Reed, released their brand new record Make Some Noise.

Make Some Noise was, and still is, one of the best, in your face, rock records of this side of the century. It Make Some Noisehooked me immediately, and every time it’s on, you can’t help but tap your foot, nod your head, and sing your heart out. It’s an album with enough guts and balls to see them headline arenas and stadium around the world – maybe one day this could happen for the guys. Although, I’m not complaining, there’s nothing better than an intimate gig with rock stars who show they truly are thankful for the people’s support! Having met these guys a couple of times now, I can guarantee to you that that is true.

But now they’re back, returning to the shelves of our music stores, with their brand new live record: Live & Louder, which was recorded on their tour in late-2016.

1. ‘Long Way To Go’
2. ‘Mexico’
3. ‘Make Some Noise’
4. ‘Song And A Prayer’
5. ‘Fortunate Son’
6. ‘We All Fall Down’
7. ‘Lock’N’Load’
8. ‘Something I Said’
9. ‘Last Time I Saw The Sun’
10. ‘Join Together’
11. ‘With You And I’
12. ‘Band Intros’
13. ‘Mainline’
14. ‘Helter Skelter’
15. ‘American Band’
16. ‘Midnight Moses’

The album does exactly as it says on the tin. They’re live. And they’re LOUDER! Any show from The Dead Daisies is a great show, and this record shows that. Full of raw rock n roll power, the guys show you exactly what to expect, musically, from a Daisies’ show. Featuring tunes from the Make Some Noise record, along with some from their 2015 Revolucion and various cover too, the record is a must for any fan of true rock and roll. What was it Gene Simmons said… ‘Rock is dead’? Well, maybe The Dead Daisies have something to say about that!

The album was released in a few various formats. The first of these is a CD+DVD digipak. The second is a 2LP+CD set. And the third, and best edition is the limited edition box set which I currently have on order…

The box set includes:

  • 2LPs on colourful vinyl
  • CD+DVD digipak
  • Patch
  • Badge
  • Poster
  • Photocard
  • All enclosed within a limited edition box set

I highly recommend that anyone who is a fan of classic, 80s style rock and roll listens to this amazing live record. It’ll hopefully blow you away as much as it did with myself. There’s nothing quite like a Dead Daisies performance! \m/



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