‘Iron Maiden: The Complete Albums Collection 1990-2015’

So this little beauty came in the post yesterday. Featuring two LPs, and a box set to complete over the coming months, Iron Maiden are starting to roll out their next lot of vinyl re-issues.

These albums follow on from the box set released by Maiden in 2014, which featured the albums from Iron Maiden (1980) to Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (1988) and everything in between.

The box set featuring the albums from 1990-2015 includes:
Provided With The Box:

  • No Prayer For The Dying (1990)
  • Fear of the Dark (1992)

To Buy Separately:

  • The X-Factor (1995) – Available Now
  • Virtual XI (1998) – Available Now
  • Brave New World (2000) – Available June 23rd
  • Rock in Rio (2002) – Available June 23rd
  • Dance of Dance (2003) – Available June 23rd
  • Death on the Road (2005) – Available July 28th
  • A Matter of Life and Death (2006) – Available June 23rd
  • Flight 666 (2009) – Available July 28th
  • The Final Frontier (2010) – Available July 28th
  • En Vivo! (2011) – Available July 28th
  • The Book of Souls (2015) – Available Now

As you can see, the box set that was released features two album, No Prayer for the Dying and Fear of the Dark, whereas the rest have to be bought separately.


No Prayer for the Dying Tracklist:
Side A
1. ‘Tailgunner’No Prayer For The Dying
2. ‘Holy Smoke’
3. ‘No Prayer for the Dying’
4. ‘Public Enema Number One’
5. ‘Fates Warning’
Side B
6. ‘The Assassin’
7. ‘Run Silent Run Deep’
8. ‘Hooks In You
9. ‘Bring Your Daughter… To The Slaughter’
10. ‘Mother Russia’

Fear of the Dark Tracklist:
Side A
1. ‘Be Quick Or Be Dead’
2. ‘From Here To Eternity’
3. ‘Afraid To Shoot Strangers’10
Side B
4. ‘Fear Is The Key’
5. ‘Childhood’s End’
6. ‘Wasting Love’
Side C
7. ‘The Fugitive’
8. ‘Chains Of Misery’
9. ‘The Apparition’
Side D
10. ‘Judas Be My Guide’
11. ‘Weekend Warrior’
12. ‘Fear Of The Dark’

Having received my box set in the post, I therefore got my second copy of No Prayer For The Dying, along with my first ever, and long awaited, copy of Fear Of The Dark. Now I need to get a little bit of extra cash for the next two: X Factor and Virtual XI, so do expect a post on these.

All of the re-issued records are being released on 180g black disc vinyl, some for the very first time. As you may remember, all albums released in the post-2000 Dickinson era were only originally released onto picture discs, beginning with Brave New World, until The Book Of Souls was released on black disc.

Up Next: Brave New WorldRock In RioDance of Death, and A Matter of Life and Death in June!


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