‘The Final Frontier’

After many years of listening, and many years of dreaming of the complete collection, I’m one step closer to completing my Iron Maiden vinyl collection, by obtaining a copy of their 15th studio album, The Final Frontier

Side A
1. ‘Satellite 15… The Final Frontier’
2. ‘El Dorado’Image result for iron maiden the final frontier
3. ‘Mother of Mercy’
Side B
4. ‘Coming Home’
5. ‘The Alchemist’
6. ‘Isle of Avalon’
Side C
7. ‘Starblind’
8. ‘The Talisman’
Side D
9. ‘The Man Who Would Be King’
10. ‘When the Wild Wind Blows’

The Final Frontier was released by Iron Maiden in August 2010, before the band set out of their 2011 UK tour, which I just happened to catch in Newcastle (that was my first ever gig… July 23rd 2011).
The record also happened to be coming out around the time that I was getting into Maiden’s music. I first listened to their Somewhere Back In Time best of record, which got me into all of the big hits such as ‘The Trooper’, ‘Aces High’, ‘Number of the Beast’ and many others. Then The Final Frontier was released, so that was the first studio album of theirs which I listened to from start to finish. And damn it blew me away (so much so that since then, I have developed a passion for the band and their music, and obtained a collection of all of their CDs, and nearly all of their studio albums on vinyl – this will be finished in the coming months with the latest batches of re-issues which are being spread throughout May, June and July of 2017 which will cover the band’s history from 1990’s No Prayer For The Dying (most famous for ‘Holy Smoke’ and ‘Bring Your Daughter…’), right through to The Final Frontier and it’s live accompaniment En Vivo!

Image result for iron maiden en vivo
Eddie & the boys, live in 2010/11.

As all of the records which are being re-issued are being released onto black vinyl (most of which for the very first time), I had to find a copy of The Final Frontier on limited edition picture disc (the original release from 2010) before it was too late. Afterall it was the record that started my love for the band properly. therefore it means a bit to me to finally have this record. Therefore it will be the only picture disc record that I will have when it comes to my 1990-2015 box set (upon completion).

So that’s my first addition to my vinyl collection posts, keep checking back with more additions as time goes by. These will be either brand new ones that I’ve just added to my collection (likely to be posted on Friday’s), or albums that are currently in my collection (these can come on at any time)… \m/




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