Iron Maiden (14/05/2017)

Okay, starting my blog afresh for about the 200th time, but this time I’m going to stick with it now that I’m completely finished with University studies … Forever! 

So as a way of kick starting this blog back into life, where better to begin than with a brilliant concert!? Am I right? Well, just three nights ago, on Sunday, I went to see my all time favourite band for the third time… Iron Maiden! \m/

The band are currently on their UK leg of the Book of Souls World Tour. Last year saw them tour the world, in countries such as the USA, Brazil, Canada, as well as few European festivals, such as the UK’s Download Festival. However, in April 2017 they kicked off the final leg of the tour in Antwerp, Belgium. The tour will come to an end on Saturday 22nd July in Brooklyn, NY, as the band finish off the final US leg.

Image result for iron maiden the book of souls eddie

Iron Maiden released The Book of Souls in September 2015. The UK leg of the tour was highly anticipated, but sadly delayed following Dickinson’s cancer battle in 2015/16. However, upon receiving the all clear, the band confirmed their tour plans, and brought the show to the people.

On Sunday night (14th May 2017), I was fortunate enough to visit the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle upon Tyne to catch their show, with support coming from the mighty Shinedown, who released their latest record, Threat to Survival in September 2015.

Shinedown performed a killer 9 song set, featuring songs from their beginning record, Leave A Whisper, right through to their latest Threat to Survival. With a couple of surprises in the mix, the set was a powerful rock set, that was surely worthy of a headline spot themselves – afterall, they are one of few support acts that I’ve seen to have an ability to get the entire crowd of an arena on their feet!

1. ‘Adrenaline’
2. ‘Fly From the Inside’
3. ‘Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)’
4. ‘How Did You Love’
5. ‘Unity’
6. ‘Enemies’
7. ‘Second Chance’
8. ‘Cut the Cord’
9. ‘Sound of Madness’

Iron Maiden:
Maiden performed a perfectly balanced 15 song set, featuring songs of old and new. The main set consisted of six new hits, alongside 6 older tunes, while the encore was a 3 song masterpiece featuring ‘The Number of the Beast’, ‘Blood Brothers’ and ‘Wasted Years’.
It was the third time that I’ve seen Maiden now, but it was by far the best of the three for me personally. The two previous times that I have seen the band, I was always seated (Newcastle – 2011; London – 2013). However, this time, I had to go standing. Seated arena gigs are something that I have promised myself never to do again. The atmosphere in the standing stalls is just something that you always miss when seated. Sacrilege.

1. ‘If Eternity Should Fail’Maiden 2
2. ‘Speed of Light’
3. ‘Wrathchild’
4. ‘Children of the Damned’
5. ‘Death or Glory’
6. ‘The Red and the Black’
7. ‘The Trooper’
8. ‘Powerslave’
9. ‘The Great Unknown’
10. ‘The Book of Souls’
11. ‘Fear of the Dark’
12. ‘Iron Maiden’
13. ‘The Number of the Beast’
14. ‘Blood Brothers’
15. ‘Wasted Years’

The gig was made even better in that I was lucky enough to nab myself one of those beautiful Steve Harris sweatbands at the end of the show too. Was hoping for a guitar pick from Dave, Janick or Adrian but I guess we can’t get too greedy now can we.

Anyways, the gig was truly amazing, and I really wish I could back (I always say that…). Hopefully they’re back in less time that it took from 2011… Until next time, Eddie!

Maiden 3


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